To Make 1 Litre of Natural Probiotic Immune system boosting water Kefir.

Note – using all organic ingredients is best but not essential.

Into 1 ltr glass jar put 50g of cane sugar, eighth tea spoon of Molasses, pinch of Pink Salt, pinch of Bicarbonate of Soda and top up with filtered/spring  water. Shake to dissolve ingredients.

Add 2 Desert spoons of water Kefir grains and leave at room temp (covered with a cloth or in a cupboard away from daylight) for two days or until all sweetness has gone. (Taste with a straw to check all sweetness has gone).  If you don’t have an air lock just seal the mouth of the Demijon with a piece of breathable cloth with a rubber band.   If you are using frozen Kefir allow several days for the grains to become active.

Fermentation time will differ with room temp changes throughout the year.

When ready pour off the probiotic water from the grains and either re fill for the next fermentation or store the grains in a jar in the fridge, cover grains with water and a tea spoon of sugar.  It will keep for 2 weeks or longer like this, just add another tsp sugar every few days to feed the grains.  Pour off storage water and re-use as above.

Bottle your probiotic water just as it is or add a table spoon of pure fruit juice to make it fruity and fizzy.  Drink some straight away and leave some to ferment into delicious fizzy Kefir.

You can flavour your Kefir (in the bottle, not in the fermenting jar) with anything you wish once the initial fermentation has been done.  Note – Don’t feed your initial fermenting grains with anything other than the ingredients above.

Drink sparingly for the first few days to let your body get used to it.  A sensible dose to start with would be a single shot glass full after breakfast and evening meal.

Drop me an email if you want more advice or want to buy some Kefir grains.

If you buy your Kefir live in the bottle, pour off the water Kefir leaving the grains in the bottom of the bottle and just top up with more water and nutrients as above.

Note only add a table spoon of juice per Litre of Kefir when bottling to make fizzy Kefir, do experiment but it will get very fizzy very quickly if you overdose the fruit juice and in danger of exploding.

There are lots of videos on Youtube which will give you alternative recipes and some very good demonstrations of how to make it.