To make 6 pints of soup; takes about 45mins from start to drinking the soup.

Put a pint and a half filtered water into an 8 pint soup pan.

Add 2 cups dried or fresh beans  (can be from a tin for ease)

4 large red onions peeled and halved

4 large carrots washed and halved

1 box of mushrooms (As many as your taste dictates) washed and unchopped

Boil/simmer gently approx 20 mins with lid on

Put the following into a blender (uncooked and raw) and blend with the hot soup.

A handful of mixed nuts and seeds (two types of nuts e.g.. Walnuts, Almonds  and two types of seeds e.g. Pumpkin, Sunflower) vary the nuts and seeds each time you make soup.

Put 2 large handfuls of fresh greens

1 Tea spoon of finely ground black pepper

1 Tsp Turmeric

Large Pinch of Sea salt or Pink Salt

Garlic and Ginger to taste (optional)

Pour into freezer containers when cool and freeze what you don’t need over the next few days.

Alternatively (if no blender) just chop small and have chunky heart warming soup

Have some dark red berries with coconut yogurt for pudding or blend into smoothie.