Individual Meditation & Mindfulness Sessions
Individual Meditation & Mindfulness Sessions
Principal Before Profit
Principal Before Profit

Individual Meditation & Mindfulness Support Sessions with Nick

Individual Sessions Together

A face to face individual session can be of any duration of your choice, most sessions are for an hour.   It is an opportunity for you to discover how meditation & mindfulness skills can create solutions for you.

Because of my commitment to putting principles before profit, all of my work is on donation basis with a recommended donation of £40 per hour for individual time together.

A good place to start can be with you sharing your reasons for wanting to learn emotional management skills and to describe the personal changes that you wish for yourself and your life circumstances.


The Seven Session Programme For Positive Change.

This journey can take as long as you wish.  You can choose to take your journey of positive change over a single session or over a structured seven-session programme.  The "Seven Session Programme For Positive Change" gives you enough time to significantly establish new habits of emotional calmness and control as you develop your emotional management skills.

The seven stages of  exploration, discovery and healing are:-

  • Telling your Personal Story

  • Identifying your specific needs for change

  • Discovering your new understanding and the insight to drive your positive movement forwards

  • Discovering the three core skills of meditation

  • Discovering the six core skills of mindfulness

  • Being guided through and experiencing the specific meditations designed for your personal change.

  • Understanding the healing properties of water, food, sleep, positive relationships, active fun and recreation. and meaningful employment.