Principle Before Profit

My Personal Journey

I was 16yrs old when I first discovered the simplicity and the almost immediate feeling of inner peacefulness that meditation offers. The discovery came at a time when I needed to urgently and securely resolve the emotional turmoil that I found myself facing every day.

The profound improvement in my happiness, which completely transformed my enjoyment of life, inspired me to develop my meditation practice and eventually to support others in their own discovery. My life-affirming experience of meditation has made it very important to me that everyone who wishes to learn meditation and mindfulness has access to expert and affordable guidance and support.


Having taught meditation and mindfulness as part of my happy and rewarding corporate career in Person Centred and CBT counselling, I set up "Resolve". I offer you personal guidance and support throughout your discovery process and lifelong enjoyment of Meditation and Mindfulness.

My Fees. Principle Before Profit

My recommended minimum donation for an hour of individual therapy is between £25 and £4o. My promise is that I will never turn anyone away and that I will create a financially accessible support programme for everyone who has an interest.