INGREDIENTS INTO COOKING POT, QUANTITIES TO SUIT YOUR COOKING AND STORAGE VOLUME AND YOUR TASTE.  Just make sure all the ingredients are in your soup and drink as much as you can throughout the day.  These vegetables will kill both bacteria and viruses in your body. I had “Alpha 1 Anti-trypsin deficiency PIZZ” which makes me prone to pneumonia, having had pneumonia four times in succession, this soup/smoothie is the core of my COPD diet and along with deep rest and positive mindful calmness it has kept me free from chest infection for over three years now.


Carrots, peeled and left whole

Sweet potato, peeled and cut into big chunks

Onions peeled and cut in half

Mushrooms washed and put in whole

Beans, tin of mixed beans or mix your own from dry

Into blender raw while soup is cooking

Greens, what ever you prefer, spinach,  cabbage,  broccoli,  or all three

Tumeric and fresh ground Black Pepper as much as you can stand

Clove of garlic and thumb nail of fresh ginger.

Nuts/Seeds to taste,  whole nuts

Blend it all together into a drinkable consistency and store in the fridge, you can have it as a thick warming winter soup if you prefer.

Fresh citrus fruit for pudding